(Jun 06, 2018) Committee: Ambuj K. Singh (Chair), Francesco Bullo, Noah Friedkin, Xifeng Yan   Title: "Predictive Models for Team Performance"   Abstract:   Designing an optimal team is of interest in many disciplines: recruitment of faculty members to build an effective academic department, matchmaking in... more
(Jun 05, 2018) Committee: Ambuj K. Singh (chair), Francesco Bullo, Noah Friedkin.
Title: Online Learning in Group Decision Making
    A perfect agent acting within a complex environment incorporates all relevant data and uncertainties, both tangible and intangible, when making... more
(Jun 01, 2018) Yuning Shen, a current PhD student in Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry joins our lab for a MS degree in CS. Welcome!
(Feb 01, 2018) Committee: Ambuj Singh (Chair), Xifeng Yan, Subhash Suri, Ananthram Swami Title: Mining and Modeling Processes on Graphs Abstract: Graphs are a powerful tool for the study of dynamic processes, where a set of interconnected entities change their states according to the time-varying behavior of an... more