Dynamo Lab, UC Santa Barbara, 2018


Research interests: 

network science, machine learning, social networks, and bioinformatics

Ambuj K. Singh is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with part-time appointments in the Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program and the Technology Management Program .

He received a B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a PhD degree from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests are broadly in the areas of network science, machine learning, social networks, and bioinformatics. He has published 200 technical papers over his career. He has led a number of multidisciplinary projects including UCSB’s Information Network Academic Research Center funded by the Army, Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Research and Training (IGERT) program on Network Science funded by the NSF, and the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on Network Science of Teams ( funded by the US Army. Besides the NSF and Army, his research has also been funded by the National Institute of Health.

He is currently on the editorial boards of two journals, and has served on program committees of several conferences, workshops and international meetings. He has graduated approximately 50 PhD, MS, and postdoctoral students over his career, including 26 PhD students.

In the past, he has served as the Department Chair and Associate Dean in the College of Engineering. In other leadership roles, he served on UCSB’s Committee on Academic Personnel for three years, the last year as the Chair, and the Committee on Planning on Budget.

PhD Students

Photo of Zexi Huang.
Research interests: 

Graph Data Mining, Representation Learning

Zexi received his B.Eng. in Computer Science and Technology at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu in 2018. He joined Dynamo lab in 2018. His research interests span the analysis of social, informational, and biological networks with machine learning and data mining techniques. 

Research interests: 

Network Science, Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems, Controls

Sean received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington. In search of sunnier skies, he came to UCSB in 2019 to develop machine learning models to predict and control network processes. He hopes his research will be used to design robust public infrastructure and help inform policy makers who work in economic development. He is currently working on the DTRA project to combine physics and data driven models for critical infrastructure resiliency.

Research interests: 

Machine Learning, Data Mining

Furkan received his B.Sc. Computer Science & Engineering with a Minor in Economics from Bilkent University, Ankara, in 2016.

Research interests: 

Data Mining, Applied Machine Learning, Network Science.

Mert received a B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering in 2018 from Sabanci University, Istanbul. He joined Dynamo lab as a Ph.D. student in 2018. His research interests include data mining and applied machine learning on graphs. He is exploring novel graph neural network algorithms to solve event/anomaly detection of dynamic graphs problem better on the different types of networks like social, traffic, sensor, and so on. He previously worked on differential privacy on recommendation systems using graph data in his bachelor's.

Sikun Lin
Research interests: 

graph mining, brain networks, computer vision


Sikun received her B.Sc degree in Physics and Math from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2015 and her MPhil degree in Computer Science from the same university in 2017.

Research interests: 

Machine Learning, Network Science, Data Mining.

Research interests: 

Machine learning, Network Science, Computer Vision


Saurabh is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at UC Santa Barbara. Prior to this, he spent two years in MPI-Informatics Saarbruecken and got his Masters in Computer Science from Saarland University. Before that, he was a research assistant at IIT Bombay. Previously, he was working as an analyst in Goldman Sachs Bangalore. He got his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Research interests: 

Data Mining, Network Science, Bioinformatics

Yuning received his B.Sc in Chemistry from Fudan University, Shanghai, China in 2016. He is a Ph.D. student in the program of Chemistry and Biochemistry and works in Chen Lab with a focus on data-driven methods to model complex chemical/biological systems.

Research interests: 

data mining

Hongyuan became a Ph.D. candidate in June 2016. Before coming to UCSB, he received his bachelor of science in EECS from Peking University in 2013.

Masters Students

Ashley is currently a Master's Student in the Computer Science Department here at UCSB. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Biology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2019 and her Associate's in Computer Science at Cuesta College in 2020. 

Undergraduate Students

Research interests: 

computational biology, data mining, applied machine learning, dynamical systems modeling

Marianne is a 2nd year Computing student in the College of Creative Studies (CCS) and a UCSB CSEP research intern. She has an interest in applying computational methods to biological problems and she is currently working on inferring dynamic gut and nares microbial interaction networks in prediabetics during stress periods to identify impaired microbial relationships in diabetes progression.

Research interests: 

Network science, machine learning

4th-year undergraduate CS student. Interested in applying ML methods to graph and network problems. Currently working on the Eigen Path problem, which aims to use neural networks to compactly represent networks flows that are generated with persistent paths.

Research interests: 

Computational Vision, Image Analysis, NLP

Shuyun Tang received his B.S degree in Statistics and Data Science from UCSB in 2021 and he is an avid researcher in machine learning.


Name Degree Year Current employer
Arlei Silva Postdoc 2021 Rice University
Omid Askarisichani PhD 2020 Google
Haraldur Hallgrimsson PhD 2020 Apple
Aneesha Mathur MS 2020 Oracle
Koa Sato MS 2020 Marvell Semiconductor
Wei Ye Postdoc 2020 Tongji University
Sai Nikhil Maram MS 2019 Google
Sourav Medya PhD 2019 Northewestern University
Ashwini Patil MS 2019 Bank of America
Richika Sharan MS 2019 Microsoft
Arlei Silva PhD 2019 UC, Santa Barbara
Chandana Upadhyaya MS 2019 Microsoft
Victor Amelkin PhD 2018 University of Pennsylvania →
Xuan-Hong Dang Postdoc 2017 IBM Reserach, NY
Minh Hoang PhD 2017 Facebook
Roman Kazarin MS 2016 Facebook
Bo Zong PhD 2015 NEC
Petko Bogdanov PhD 2014 State University of New York, Albany
Nazli Dereli MS 2014 Ticketmaster
Yilei Wang MS 2014 Google
Nick Larusso PhD 2012 FindTheBest -> Hopper
Kathy Macropol PhD 2012 Arcadia University
Misael Mongiovi Postdoc 2012 PostDoc
Sayan Ranu PhD 2012 IIT, Delhi
Brian Ruttenberg PhD 2012 Charles River Analytics -> Google
Kyle Chipman PhD 2011 Facebook
Vishwakarma Singh PhD 2011 Oracle
Arnab Bhattacharya PhD 2007 IIT Kanpur
Huahai He PhD 2007 Google
Swaroop Jagadish MS 2007 LinkedIn
Vebjorn Ljosa PhD 2007 Broad Institute
Anand Meka PhD 2007
Orhan Camoglu PhD 2006 Google
Pei-Ching Lu MS 2006 Apple
Ahmet Bulut PhD 2005 Sehir University -> Carbon Health
Tolga Can Postdoc 2005 Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Chunghau Lee MS 2005 Amgen
Tamer Kahveci PhD 2004 University of Florida
Kris Kvilekval PhD 2004 Center for BioImage Informatics, UCSB
Roman Vitenberg Postdoc 2004 University of Oslo
Gilad Benjamin MS 2003 Google
Maureen Heymans MS 2003 Google
Christian Lang PhD 2003 Acelot
Hao Sun MS 2003 Microsoft
Jeff Bogda PhD 2002 Entrepreneur
Fengliang Hu MS 2001 HP
Greg Johnson MS 2001 joined Microsoft
Sandeep Bhatia MS 1999 Cisco
Jerry James PhD 1999 University of Kansas
K V Ravi Kanth PhD 1999 Innerscope Research -> First Help Financial
Raimondas Lencevicius PhD 1999 Nuance Communications
Sean Brydon MS 1998 Sun
Suk Lee MS 1998 Oracle
Jing Wang MS 1998 Microsoft
Chris Jones MS 1996 Tandem
Manhoi Choy PhD 1994 HKUST